We offer a wide range of services

NefroCenter Lab – Maiello analysis laboratory stands out for the high quality and completeness of its specialistc surveys, carrying out over 1000 tests, from routine analysis to more advanced exams, such as medical genetics and molecular biology.

  • Clinical chemistry exams
  • Ematology
  • Allergology
  • Endocrinological tests
  • Toxicology medicine and drugs
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular biology
  • Medical genetics
  • Hepatic and tumor markers
  • Cyto-histological tests
  • Food intolerances on blood
  • Lactose breath test and helicobacter pylori

Working hours

We are always ready to offer you accurate services.

Home blood sampling

Laboratory provides home blood sampling service for all those people that cannot move from home.
To reserve please call 081-444435

7.30am - 19.00pm
7.30am - 19.00pm
7.30am - 19.00pm
7.30am - 19.00pm
7.30am - 19.00pm
7.30am - 13.00pm

The center is licensed for the Covid-19 quantitative IGG/IGM sierological tests

Best dedication to quality

Providing a highly qualified analysis service is our main purpose, we involve in our work a stainless passion in order to give you always the best.



Our way to do diagnostics is mainly based on our advanced and modern equipment and on the constant staff training update.



Diagnostics is at the base of the right treatment, this is the reason why we put the utmost attention in our work, in order to provide always reliable results in every field.



We are able to provide diagnostic results in the shortest possible time, thanks to the use of the informatic system throughout the process, from the registration of the patient to the medical reporting.



We believe that offering strict confidence is not a goal to achieve but a solid reality upon which we found our daily activity.

FAQ – Questions and answers

Here they are several useful tips to make a correct use of our services, in order to obtain the best performance of the laboratory exams.

It is recommended to be fasting before the blood sampling, for the most part of the exams, in order to achieve more reliable results. During previous days respect the usual diet, avoiding both overeating or starving.