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Covid-19 semi-quantitative sierological tests

Immunological enzymatic tests for the diagnosis of <b>SARS COV-2</b> infection are carried out on blood serum and they allow the identification of <b>IgA, IgG, IgM</b> class antibodies directed against <b>SARS COV-2</b>, representing a valid element to complete the pathogen research.

While oropharyngeal swabs search for the viral genome and give a direct discovery of the virus, sierological tests allow the identification of <b>SARS COV-2</b> infection in patients with typical symptoms or in suspected cases without any symptoms

In order to obtain important sierological results, it is necessary to examine two samples of blood, first one taken from the patient during the acute phase of the disease (week 1) and the following one during the recovery phase (3-4 weeks later).

Sierological tests used by NefroCenter Lab – Maiello Laboratory are certified and validated by Health Ministry. They establish the diagnosis if carried out together with the swabs.


Test results

Possible situations and behavior suggestions
Negative IgA, IgG, IgM: antibodies are not founded in the blood

PAY ATTENTION: a negative result doesn’t mean that a possible infection could not be in an early phase or without symptoms. The physiological late reaction from the virus antibodies doesn’t exclude the risk of infection.

Positive IgA: SARS COV-2 infection recently happened

The IgA anti-SARS COV-2 are the typical immunoglobulins of mucous membranes. Since they are the most efficient in the defense against respiratory infections, their increase in serum states a contact with the virus.

Positive IgM: viral infection is in progress

The IgM anti-SARS COV-2 are the antibodies that first appear in patients serum, after a first antigen exposure (usually not earlier than 10 days). Their presence states a recent infection or one in progress, in acute phase.

Positive IgG: you came into contact with SARS COV-2 virus

The IgG anti-SARS COV-2 start to develop about 15 days after first exposure to antigen. Their presence states that the organism came into contact with the virus during a previous infection or without symptoms. They remain for a long time.

Positive IgA, IgM and IgG: viral infection is in progress and at the same time you came into contact with SARS COV-2

It is recommended to make the dosage of all three immunoglobulins, in order to increase the sierological test validity. In case of undeniable symptoms or positive test, please contact your general doctor to confirm the diagnosis through oropharyngeal swab.