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Excellence is a “Forma mentis”

Group’s philosophy is based on the constant dedication to services improvement. High advanced equipment and employment of the informatic system throughout the entire analytical process, allow the laboratory to carry out the analysis quickly and in total safety and control.
Our diagnostics laboratories are affiliated with the National Health Service and “Maiello Laboratory” it’s also licensed for Covid-19 sierological tests and oropharyngeal swabs analysis.

Available tests

  • Clinical Chemistry exams
  • Ematology
  • Allergology 
    • Prist e Rast Test
  • Endocrinological tests
    • Thyroid, PTH, sexual field
  • Toxicology medicine and drugs
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular biology
    • HCV RNA quali/quantitative, HBV Dna quali/quantitative, HPV Typification
  • Medical genetics
    • Celiac Disease (antiendomysium, anti translutaminase, anti gliadin)
    • Cystic Fibrosis
    • Karyotype
    • Y chromosome microdejection
    • V Leiden Factor
    • PAI 1
    • MTHFR mutation
    • II Protombin Factor
  • Hepatic markers
  • Tumor markers
  • Cyto-histological tests
  • PAP test
    • Thin Prep
  • Food intolerances on blood
  • Lactose breath test
  • Helicobacter pylori breath test